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Martha's Vineyard Charter Fishing

Fish of Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard offers a wide variety of fishing excitement. North Shore Charters aim is that everyone get in on the fun, because once you have felt something on the other end of a fishing line you will understand just what fun fishing is.

For the casual fisherman, North Shore Charters we give you the chance to feel want truly first class fishing is like. More serious fishermen North Shore Charters can give you the chance to catch that trophy fish. And the kids can experience world class fishing from an experienced and skilled Vineyard fisherman.

The best fishing generally takes place in June (bluefish and stripers), and September (stripers, false albacore). Please call ahead, because we can't control the weather so please call ahead for detailed information.

Fishing Information

Half Day Charter Target Fish

Striped Bass
Striped Bass
Striped Bass are the premier gamefish of Martha's Vineyard. The Striped Bass usually arrive late April and Early May. North Shore Charters knows the the rocks and rips where the big Bass hide so we can find the big fish. Captain Scott McDowell routinely finds his charters fish in the 30 and 40 pound range. So if you are looking to catch a trophy Striper, North Shore Charters can get you one!
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Menemsha Blues
While Striped Bass are the main target species, Bluefish are exciting and commonly caught while fishing Vineyard waters. Bluefish migrate around Martha's Vineyard and are at there height between mid-May and mid-June. Bluefish range in the 5 to 10 pound range and are very aggressive fight when caught. Bluefish have very small, but razor sharp teeth so you have to be very careful when removing your fishing tackle. Bluefish feed heavy along the shoals and in the rips near Gay Head Cliffs.    >> More Bluefish Information
Atlantic Bonito
Bonito are a fast, elusive and frustrating fish; but that is why they are so satisfying to catch. Bonito are famous for frenzied feeding but then moving on before you complete a cast. Bonito are hard to predict, sometimes showing up in early July only to disappear until September. Bonito are fished mostly with light spinning tackle using small shiny lures or fly rods..    >> More Bonito Information
False Albacore
False Albacore
False Albacore are much like the elusive Bonito, and catching an "albie" can be one great fight. The arrival of the first False Albacore around Martha's Vineyard waters is usually in late August or early September, but they are never here for long. Like the Bonito, False Albacore are fished mostly with light spinning tackle using small shiny lures or fly rods.    >> More False Albacore Information
Fluke (summer flounder) are great fun to catch and delicious to eat. Fluke are most commonly caught off a boat, but can be found fishing from docks or jetty's. Lobsterville Beach in Aquinnah, the Middle Ground near West Chop and Lucas Shoals off Oak Bluffs/East Chop in Vineyard Sound are prime fishing spots for fluke. Fluke are mainly caught on small white jigs or drop lines using bait providing a wonderful opportunity for the kids. Squid strips, and fluke bellies are effective baits, the key is to get your bait on the bottom. Fluke have sharp teeth, so watch out when removing the hooks.
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Offshore Full Day Charter Target Fish

Martha's Vineyard Tuna
As the water warms up later from mid-July until Labor Day the Tuna fishing can be excellent. The Yellowfin and even an occasional Bluefin are caught off the southern coast of Martha's Vineyard. Going after Tuna is an all day affair requiring a fishing trip further offshore then fishing for Striped Bass and Bluefish. So if it's the big game you are looking for fishing for Tuna requires a full day charter.
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The movie JAWS may have you thinking that Martha's Vineyard is teeming with sharks. The reality is that very few sharks are seen or caught close to shore around Martha's Vineyard. But further offshore there are many sharks. North Shore Charters can search out that monster shark so you can wrestle with a big one. Shark fishing is an all day affair requiring a full day charter.
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White Marlin
White Marlin
This offshore sportfish ranges throughout the Atlantic and can be caught during an offshore fishing charter with North Shore Charters.
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